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IAB Endorses the Real-Time Advertising Academy

What started as a solution to an in-house hackathon challenge has evolved into a worldwide, industry-endorsed educational initiative.

Last month, Quantcast’s Real-time Advertising Academy, a program designed for marketers to stay atop ad-tech trends, was endorsed by Europe’s Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

RTA Academy, completely free and self-paced, introduces learners to the fundamentals of digital advertising in video modules and is supplemented with quizzes to track progress. The academy also offers in-person training in select cities worldwide.

The course is laid out in plain English and uses real-life examples to make sense of the complex, tech-heavy topics like AI in advertising, big data, programmatic, measurement and retargeting.

Over 8,200 graduates have already completed the course, and the IAB seal of approval means there are many more to come.

If you’re ready to secure a firm grasp on topics like real-time bidding (RTB), media ecosystems, and attribution and measurement, we invite you pre-register for an in-person session or start your online course today.