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Land of Nod Beats ROI Goal For Customer Acquisition by 5X

National children’s bedding and furniture retailer The Land of Nod knows that driving new customers is essential to grow its business. From the moment a family knows a baby is on the way to the big date, there is a very short window, typically only a few months, for The Land of Nod to identify and place the right information in front of them. Understanding the customer life cycle and how The Land of Nod can help along the way is a constant challenge as customers move in and out of the market and are learning to adapt to the unexpected challenges of parenthood.

Being a data-savvy and analytics-focused company, The Land of Nod wanted to have a better understanding of its new customers’ paths to conversion and how different marketing channels worked together to achieve the company’s aggressive new customer ROI goals. Extra marketing dollars were not driving additional sales for The Land of Nod, so it kept layering on channels, all of which were reporting great results, but the company wasn’t seeing them in overall sales. The Land of Nod understood that programmatic display advertising was like constant A/B testing, helping it achieve greater scale in a cost-effective way, but it still had not found the best way to measure campaign success.

Quantcast went above and beyond to deliver advertising that works! Their Attribution Insights with split funnel methodology also helped us measure the effectiveness of our campaign and understand our customer’s path to purchase—which we’ve used to make smarter decisions about how we approach advertising across all channels.”

Matthew Ebbert, Customer Analytics Manager, The Land of Nod

By measuring The Land of Nod’s complete funnel across all of its display partners, Quantcast informed The Land of Nod’s marketing strategy, and helped it grow its business.

  • Split-Funnel Insights: Quantcast’s insights helped The Land of Nod understand the performance of all of its display partners, broken down by Prospecting and Retargeting performance to maximize its budget.
  • Complete Targeting: Quantcast targeted consumers across the entire connected universe who exhibited online browsing behavior most similar to the Land of Nod’s current converters. Quantcast’s algorithms dynamically adjusted the levels of prospecting and retargeting to reach these best matches, and drove them to purchase.

By measuring The Land of Nod’s complete funnel across all of its display partners, Quantcast was able to provide insights to inform The Land of Nod’s entire marketing strategy, and help it grow its business.

  • Quantcast Advertise beat The Land of Nod’s aggressive new customer ROI goal by nearly 5x!
  • Quantcast delivered steady online sales and specifically increased The Land of Nod’s new user base by delivering an all-time-high ROI for new user purchases.
  • Quantcast drove a huge lift in paid and natural search, which also led to increased conversions.
  • By leveraging Quantcast’s new Attribution Insights, The Land of Nod was able to see that Quantcast drove a 95% prospecting reach rate, indicating the rate of prospects Quantcast reached was new.

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