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The Musts, Math and Misconceptions of Mobile Advertising in 2017

With time spent on mobile devices on the rise, Quantcast reveals how marketers can capitalize on the trend.

Let’s start with a helpful hint: As screens evolve so should your schemes.

The modern day customer journey is traversed upon various devices, and while time spent on mobile continues to grow across all verticals, mobile ad spend has not yet reflected this trend. This means one thing for marketers: opportunity.

Half of all the consumer actions Quantcast measures are on mobile, which means we can offer marketers unique insights to influence consumers during their buying journey. Additionally, our data shows that including mobile display in your campaigns drives an average of eight percent conversion without increasing customer acquisition costs.

To help you get a competitive edge, Quantcast compiled Increase Your Sales by Enabling Mobile, which divulges the latest game-changing mobile stats and trends; conversion ratios and consumer insights.

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